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Yoga Well Institute

Yoga Well is an organization dedicated to the practice of Yoga as taught by Śri Krishnamacharya through his son Mr. TKV Desikachar in all of its forms. We particularly emphasize the importance of maintaining a daily, personal practice that is guided by an experienced mentor. We believe that Yoga is first and foremost experiential and consequently strive to make all of our individual sessions, educational programs, trainings, and activities practical and useful. We provide information and experiences which can be easily understood and assimilated by anyone. Students can then apply what they learn to their daily lives, to their relationships - and to their practice. This is truly Yoga for health, healing, and beyond.

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Experience 1 Year
Salary Negotiable
We are open to a variety of arrangements depending on your expertise including: Writing in our brand voice Writing in our owner’s voice Co-authoring with our owner Writing in your own voice about our products and classes Editing and SEO maximization of pre-written articles Qualific ...
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